Welcome To Azad Seo Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

How the Service works?

We have the best tools sharing system, once you login into the members area you will see a list of all available tools, just click any tool of your choice and start using it, it is that simple.

What Is Your Activation Process?

Our activation process is simple, all accounts activated automatically via our system instantly once you pay the subscription fee via PayPal. Accounts paid via Local Payment Methods or Local Bank Transfer activated manually this may take upto 12 to 24 hours time or Instant if you are on live chat with us.

Are there any limitations?

This service is only for small startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers, you can easily understand that the cost is dramatically low as compare to original subscription because we are sharing one account with many other users too therefore any kind of API, Bulk features and in some cases export features are disabled to provide fair usage to all customers as much as possible.

Do I Need to Install Software or Chrome Extension?

Sorry to disappoint you, we do not provide any Portable Firefox Browser, Auto Login Software or Google Chrome extension, all you need to do is login into the members area and start using our service, it’s that simple no 3rd party software or installation required.

Can I Share Your Service

101% No, Our system automatically locks the account and ban the sharing. If you are team or office contact support and get private accounts not sharing (group buys) because this service is for individuals (bloggers, freelancers etc), not for heavy users.

What will happen if tool is not working?
We are the only providers who provide multiple accounts for each tool so in this way if one account is not working you can use another.
Is Your Service Available For MAC?

Our service works perfectly fine on all major platforms including Microsoft Windows, Apple MAC, Google Chrome OS and almost all major flavors of Linux you can use our service via all popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Not just that you can use almost all major tools on your IOS or Android device too.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Yes! Within 24 hours only and only if our service is not working. We don’t offer a refund if your service is down for a short time.